Admissions Information

Undergraduate Programme Brochure (2020-2021)

Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Arts JS6054

We offer a liberal and flexible Bachelor of Arts (BA) curriculum that enables you to develop your individual study plan within a guided and academically coherent framework.  Year 1 is a "Year of Exploration", in which you can pursue your own interests and learn new subjects.  At the end of Year 1, you are free to declare one Arts major from our 23 majors.  Click here for the available choices. From Year 2 to Year 4, you can elect to pursue an additional Arts/non-Arts major, or up to two minors.

In addition, we offer two BA dual degree programmes (4-year curriculum) in collaboration with two highly respected international universities, namely, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France and the University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A. respectively.  You will earn two Bachelor’s degrees upon successful completion of a BA dual degree programme.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (5-year curriculum) JS6078

BA&LLB is an exciting double degree programme combining the critical and communication skills offered by a world-leading literary studies programme with comprehensive training in the law.  You can gain two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws, from HKU when you graduate.


This double degree programme fosters valuable skills in both legal argumentation and literary analysis. As a Literary Studies major, you can choose your course of study in our Faculty from an array of subjects in literature and many others.  At the same time, you take courses in legal studies and electives from the Faculty of Law that allow you to explore your interests in greater depth. Please click here for more information.

Other Degree Programmes

We also offer three other degree programmess in collaboration with our Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Sciences, and our Faculty of Education respectively.  The degree programmes are BASc JS6212, BA&BEd(LangEd)-Chi JS6080 and BA&BEd(LangEd)-Eng JS6066. Please click on the degree programme names to find out more details.

Direct Admissions Scheme to Senior Year Places – Bachelor of Arts A101

If you are a graduate of an Associate Degree or Higher Diploma programme and wish to be considered for admission to the third year of the Bachelor of Arts degree programme in September 2021,  the following Arts majors will be available:


School of Chinese: Chinese History and Culture, Chinese Language and Literature

School of English: English Studies, Language and Communication

School of Humanities: Comparative Literature, Fine Arts, Gender Studies, General Linguistics, History, Music, Philosophy

School of Modern Languages and Cultures: American Studies, China Studies (Arts Stream), European Studies, French, German, Global Creative Industries, Hong Kong Studies, Italian, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Spanish

Entrance Requirements: JUPAS; Non-JUPAS (International/ Mainland NJCEE); Direct Admissions Scheme to Senior Year Places


Important Dates: JUPAS ; Non-JUPAS (International/ Mainland NJCEE); DAS to Senior Year Places

Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers (2021/22): The Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government will open applications in August 2021. 

Arts Majors & Minors

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